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Biography Of Terri Feeney

Terri Feeney
Terri Feeney.jpg
Keep away from my gal!!!!! Or else!!!!!!

Birthdate: May 28, 1989
First Name: Franziska (Don't Use)
Middle Name: Terri
Last Name: Feeney
Hobbies: Listening to music, Reading, Hanging out with friends.

     Terri was born on May 28, 1989. She is currently in the 8th grade at S.M.S. She has an excellent singing voice, she recently had a Choir Concert at S.M.S. on May 18, 2004. An excellent performance! If I had the chance I'd deffentally go again. In the summer she goes to Florida to visit her Grandmother. She comes back here just before the begining of school every year! She enjoys hangging out with her friends, reading, listening to music, and other stuff.

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