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Insane Clown Posse Biography (Continued)
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I.C.P.'s Tattoo's
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Violent J

1. Jesus on cross, inner right arm
2. "Detroit" on lower right arm
3. "RWBL" on right knuckles, initials of his brother (Rob William Bruce Love)
4. "Juggalo" on lower left arm
5. Butterfly and others I can't make out, inner left arm
6. "JFBL" on left knuckles, initials of himself (Joesph Frank Bruce Love (or Lee))
7. Rose on both right & left forearms
8. Wrestler on left leg
9. Barbed wire around right leg

Shaggy 2 Dope

1. Card suits on right knuckles
2. Skull with headdress, inner right arm
3. "Detroit" surrounded by cross, upper back
4. "ICP" top of left hand
5. Snake, outer left arm
6. Indian (totem pole?), upper left arm
7. Drunken Ninja Master (?), upper right arm
8. Hatchet man top of right hand
9. Eye of Horace (or Rah), right chest
10. "Psychopathic Ryda 4 Life" plus hatchet man, left chest
11. "ICP" on breastbone
12. Sons names "Cyrus and Issac" on stomach
13. Chinese for DETROIT, left side of neck

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